Art Education

“William, you are comparable to Picasso.” - Stephen Lewis, Canadian Ambassador to the UN

YEAR 2013


A) Special workshop on Chinese culture and people:

“Understanding Chinese people through history, culture, art and daily life behaviour”
Three and half hour’s workshop:


1) Survey of 5,000 year history of Chinese culture.
2) Major schools of the 100 ancient schools which shaped the Chinese people.
3) Gateway of understanding Chinese culture through Chinese brush painting.
4) Backbones of Chinese culture.
5) Comparison of Chinese and Western cultures.
6) Daily life behaviour, landmines, and protocol of Chinese culture.


B) Special workshop on Chinese brush painting:

“5,000 year history of Chinese painting and appreciation of Chinese art”
Three and half hour’s workshop:


1) The 5,000 year history and development of Chinese brush painting.
2) The different schools of this prominent art from different periods of time, regions and backgrounds.
3) The Canons on how to judge a good piece of Chinese painting.
4) The essence of appreciation and creation of Chinese art.

For more information, and tickets (individual or group), kindly contact Mr. Ho’s office: or 416-561-2690.